Lilith to Kill is a hard hitting rock band from Marseilles France.  Formed in 2011, Lilith to Kill is the brain child of Aurelie Lilith and Aqua, who are still the predmonant creative driving force behind the music.  Lilith is the leading lady of this band, fusing her sultry voice with the heavy rock music usually reserved for a more male dominated band.  LTK has been compared to such acts as Evanescence amd Lacuna Coil, but make no mistake-Lilith to Kill has a sound all their own.   

I think that Llilith's entire song catalog, while somewhat similar in nature to Evanescence, is much stronger and tougher.  Lilith's vocal range is lower than Amy Lee's, which gives this band an entirely unique sound.  I also love that you can just pick out the French accent in Lilith's vocals.  Even though she chooses to sing in English, the accent is barely perceptable, giving her music a slight twist.  The music is solid and the vocal delivery coupled with the powerful lyrics makes Lilith to Kill a band to keep your eyes on!

To find out more about Lilith to Kill, you can visit their ReverbNation profile: or follow them on Twitter @lilithtokill. 

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