Alice Sweet Alice is an insanely talented band that shows that nothing is out of reach if you are truly passionate about what you do.  Hailing from Kansas City, ASA fuses many different styles of music to deliver a refreshing sound that is all their own.  From traditional hard driving guitar riffs to delicate piano solos to hard pounding drum rhythms and interchangeable male/female lead vocals, Alice Sweet Alice keeps their music fresh and anything but ordinary.  This band has been compared to such contemporary artists as the Foo FIghters, Evanescence, Garbage and even Queen, but while there are hints of subtle influence threaded through their tracks, Alice Sweet Alice creates music that is arguably one of a kind.

I love the fact that ASA is willing to take risks and delivers music that truly represents them as artists.  I feel a tiny bit of deja vu when I listen to the tracks, like I've been here before, but that feeling gives way to total auditory bliss after only a few seconds.  ASA's music is comforting yet powerful and this band has proven that they have the chops to become huge stars.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing band, you can find them on the Internet at or follow them on Twitter @alicesweetalice. 

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